Health insurance comparison

How to Navigate the Health Insurance Minefield

The vast portfolio of health insurance Australia has at its fingertips makes it difficult to know who to partner with. It has the potential to cause a minefield of mistakes for the person shopping around. Not only this, but some health insurance companies lock you into contracts. Once you have been able to painstakingly compare health funds and have made your decision, there is still the chance you have chosen incorrectly and are now bound to a contract you cannot escape from. The best way to counteract this common mistake is to compare health insurance across the board. There are many health insurance comparison sites available to help you with this challenge.

This article will help you navigate your way through it all to ultimately get you the best health insurance Australia has to offer.

Get started online

The internet has an array of health funds with reputable websites and options for you to compare with, but sometimes too many options can become a confusing burden. The idea that you can have over 50 different ways to insure yourself can mean that you will never actually come to a confident decision, because too much choice makes it all the more difficult. It is similar with shopping for food; three choices of ketchup are far easier and less time consuming to choose from than 50 choices of ketchup. You would spend hours in the aisle looking up the price comparisons and the unique selling points of each product, making the experience counter-productive. When you compare health funds, the struggle is no different.

What you should start with

The best comparison websites to use to compare health insurance are the most well-known online. These sites will be your starting point in getting to grips with the names of all the biggest health insurance companies. One of the most notable comparison sites in health insurance is Compare The Market Health Insurance. Start here by inputting your basic details, including name, age, location, gender etc. and then start looking at the more niche requirements you want from your health insurance provider. These may be options such as best health insurance for singles, or perhaps health insurance no waiting period, which is another popular benefit many providers include in their packages.

Once you have placed in all these requests, the comparison sites will list private health insurance Australia has to offer, making it your task to pick the best health insurance deal for you. Though, this may not be the end of it. By simply choosing the best deal does not mean you know anything about your new provider. There is another step to take.

The Big Providers
  • AHM health insurance review: AHM may be the right insurance company for you. With 40 years' experience in the industry, AHM is tried and tested by over 500,000 Australians nationwide. It claims to be great at protecting their customers’ healthcare needs and is backed by Medibank, one of the biggest private health funds in the country. You can join online too, making it more appealing to some.
  • Peoplecare health insurance review: Peoplecare boasts a fast switch. This means that there will be no waiting periods, and they will cover you throughout, with no downtime. The service is also very personal. They are a not-for- profit business, so put you, the client, first. One of their biggest attributes is the availability. They provide around the clock service and calls are always with a real person. So, you can change your plan or make a claim at any time. They also pride themselves on being very cost effective. With Peoplecare's low premiums, you can save your money for other exciting things in your life.
  • Frank health insurance review: Frank are proud of being, well, frank with their service. They value an entirely transparent relationship with their customers. There’s no jargon or tricky terminologies. It's all upfront and there for all to see. Frank health insurance has been running since 2009, so is well established in the industry. Frank believes in not for profit health funds, so has no shareholders, and only makes money for its members, making it easy to compare with its competitors. With Frank, you can also choose your practitioner. Whether it be for dentistry, the physiotherapist, chiropractor or optometrist, you are in control.
  • Bupa health insurance review: Bupa's mantra and ultimate mission statement is for its members to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. They declare that no matter what stage of your life you are at, they have a care option catered to your specific needs. Bupa is a big corporation, so can fluctuate its portfolio for its members. It can now provide health coaching, assessments, eye care, care for the aged, and corporate care too. Bupa also provides health care cover internationally, so you can make a Bupa health insurance claim wherever you are in the world. They have an extremely user-friendly platform too. The Bupa health insurance login is simple enough to use, helping you feel more in control of your plan.
  • Medibank health insurance review: Medibank health cover goes beyond the individual and really homes in on the family. They ensure that children are charged no hospital excess in the event of an accident. They also ensure that you get back 100% on your claims on behalf of your children. Optical, dental, ambulance cover and pregnancy all fall under the cover too, making it a broad plan to give you peace of mind.

To make a private health insurance comparison, you need to make a list of each provider's unique selling point. Ask yourself what is most important to you, and then match that need with the health insurance provider which best caters to it. From the short summaries above (it is important to note that there is far more information on what each company provides on their respective sites – be sure to explore each site to compare in more depth) you can already gauge how they have their own unique approach to their health insurance plan. For example, if you are looking to cover your whole family, Medibank appears to be the best option, or if you want to be insured wherever you are in the world, Bupa might be the provider you choose.

The most important thing with your health insurance comparison is research. Yes, looking at the About Us section of a site is great, but researching a bit deeper, though laborious, will give you far more reassurance when deciding. Pull up the small print, call customer service, and even go through the system to see how much your cover will cost in total. This will help you avoid any sneaky fees which may have not been highlighted before going through the signing up process. This is not common in Australia, but health insurance companies can be complex, so additional fees are possible. Learning about these additional fees may also help influence your decision on which provider to go with. You want honesty and transparency – something Frank insurance purports to provide.