[Current Trend] 3 East-West Engagement Rings You Will Love


The latest trend in Boston engagement rings is changing the game this season! If you want your ring design to stand out from the crowd, then your dream is a diamond engagement ring from the East and the West. The unique level setting provides a unique and modern choice for your traditional north-south ring.

Due to their unique design, East-West engagement rings are not widely used in jewelry stores. You may have recognized this engagement ring style from when Jason Mesnick proposed Melissa Rycroft in 2009 when he made her a bachelor, or maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ stunning rock.

Trying to find the perfect diamond ring? Before making any decision, you need to understand these three most popular East-West diamond engagement rings in Boston:

1) Oval Halo Diamond Ring

East-West Engagement Rings The current trend: Oval engagement rings from east to west! It has become a common choice for engagement rings in 2020. Unlike traditional settings, oval diamonds can make the ring more modern when the east-west direction is uncommon. Vertical placement is also an excellent way to give a gem a larger appearance, especially when combined with a diamond halo. We like the fresh look brought to halo engagement rings by the east and west environment. If you are keen on sparkling, this popular Boston engagement ring style will make your jewelry unique.

2) Marquise Diamond Ring

East-West Engagement Rings

This engagement ring setting of this marquise-cut diamond gives a modern feel. With a long and thin diamond cut like a marquise, the diamond can easily be lost on your finger. Setting the stone from east to west makes the center stone look bigger and has a slim effect on the fingers, while the typical north to south setting does not affect. With a ring like this, getting the right size and fit is essential-you don’t want your diamond to go around in another finger. Most East-West diamond engagement rings like custom designs.

3) Emerald solitaire ring

East-West Engagement Rings

If uniqueness is your top priority, then this is your choice. This retro-style single-stone center stone emphasizes the size and unique shape of its gorgeous emerald-cut center stone. If you prefer square diamonds to round diamonds, the east-west emerald cut is the right choice and will surely amaze your fingers. The most significant benefit of the above setting is that it enhances the illusion of a more delicate ring (without additional diamonds), making it more retro. Simple, elegant and timeless;

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