Famous Necklaces Worthy Of Their Roles

Costumes and jewelry have continually played a vast function in including factors of drama, history, and beauty on-display screen. We determined to take a more in-depth study of the popular necklaces which have impressed us both in myth and truth. Before sending gadgets to GIA for professional grading, our crew of specialists evaluates portions of jewelry each day to the benefit of our consumers and sellers alike. While the maximum of those portions is fictional, see how our earrings specialists were capable of estimating their fee. diy photo charm bracelet

Famous Necklaces The Heart Of The Ocean – Titanic

Famous Necklaces

We began our crew off with one of the maximum popular necklaces in film records. Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean functions a vast and delightful blue diamond, surrounded through small white ones, on a diamond-studded necklace. 

The Heart of the Ocean Necklace worn within the film Titanic has a fascinating and complicated history including a fictional history presented within the film, and the real history of the necklace’s inspiration, the Hope Diamond. In the movie, the Heart of the Ocean turned into a single blue diamond that was as soon as worn in Louis XVI’s crown. The diamond is going lacking after Louis XVI’s execution. It is later recovered and cut right into a heart form and turns into known as the Heart of the Ocean. 


In the film, the size of the “Heart of the Ocean Diamond” measures at 56 carats.

After the film’s fulfillment, Asprey & Garrard were commissioned to create an actual Heart of the Ocean necklace. But they used a considerably large middle stone that becomes sapphire in place of a diamond.

The commissioned piece consists of a 171-carat coronary heart-fashioned Ceylon sapphire surrounded using 103 diamonds. The necklace becomes valued for as much as $20 million at auction.

The Hope Diamond, is currently worth $250 million.

All concerns blanketed, our evaluators concluded that if the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace became indeed real, made with a real blue 56 ct. Diamond surrounded by way of actual colorless diamonds, the cost might be higher than that of the 45.5 ct. Hope Diamond. Estimate: $250,000,000 – $300,000,000 

Famous Necklaces Satine – The Moulin Rouge

Famous Necklaces

The intricate diamond necklace worn through Nicole Kidman in the movie Moulin Rouge is not anything brief of dripping with diamonds. The ‘Satine’ necklace is the maximum pricey piece of jewelry made for a film. This necklace, while made for a film set in a particular period, isn’t always fictional inside the least. It is pretty real boasting 1,308 diamonds with a complete carat weight of 134. Even the manufacturing of the necklace become accomplished with a hundred-12 months vintage crafting strategies and took months to complete. 


Includes 1,308 Diamonds – 134 carats total, set in platinum with a 2.Five carat sapphire clasp.

Was handcrafted and took greater than four months to make.

Was anticipated to sell for nearly $1 million at a New York rings auction earlier than being withheld by means of the fashion designer, Stefano Centuri who did not want to element with his masterpiece. 

The well worth of this necklace, much like the gadgets offered through Worthy, is entirely dependent on the public sale. While it was anticipated to promote for $1 million, it may have handed expectancies at the auction itself. That being said, this necklace is well worth some distance greater than the sum of its parts, because it was merely valuable to the designer Stefano Centuri. Estimate:$1,000,000– 1,500,000 

Famous Necklaces Pearl And Diamond Necklace – Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Famous Necklaces

Audrey Hepburn’s stunning pearl necklace is arguably one of the most iconic necklaces in movie history, and doesn’t want any introduction. Hepburn’s portrayal of Capote’s Holly Golightly certainly wouldn’t had been complete without the beautiful strands of pearls and massive diamond brooch at her neck. 


Holly Golightly’s pearl necklace is made of someplace between a hundred-120 pearl with a diamond clasp within the middle.

Pearls are an undertaking to cost without physically inspecting them. The fee of a pearl depends on many different factors. For example: Are the pearls freshwater, saltwater akoya, or south sea? Are they round, near-round, or semi-round? How correct are the pearls’ luster and floor satisfactory?

A low-pleasant freshwater pearl can cost as little as $4. On the other hand, in 1917 Pierre Cartier began his now world-famed rings employer with the aid of selling a 128 pearl necklace, which was valued at $a million ($18.Five million inflation-adjusted). 

The trouble in valuing this piece is that there are many unknowns. That is why certain assumptions need to be made while providing an initial estimate, without bodily seeing the object. How a great deal do you believe you studied this necklace is well worth? Estimate: $50,000 – ? 

Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you for joining us as we explore some of our favorite famous necklaces via the eyes of our evaluators however, unfortunately, it’s time for them to get again to comparing actual items. What myth objects are you curious about seeing on this light?