Instructions for the Pandora bracelet care- Must try!! 

Pandora bracelet careYou buy Pandora ornaments and jewels with emotions right! Plus you have bounded by some or the other memories with them. Of course, these intangible things can’t speak but can tell stories!! Hence you should care well for your Pandora jewels. But it doesn’t happen as easily as we say it. It is pretty complex as it needs keen care. Therefore, today we have brought the guide for the proper Pandora bracelet care.   

So for starting, in our suggestion, never go to bed wearing your Pandora bracelet or get into any physical actions like cooking, cleaning, etc. Moreover, the disclosure of any destructive environments will result in loss of the authenticity of your bracelet. Also, you should not expose the jewel in the chemical conditions like chlorine, saltwater, perfumes, cleaning agents, silver polish, etc. Hence you need to very careful. 

How you keep your Pandora bracelets clean and clear? 

Pandora bracelet care

To maintain the long life and shine of the bracelets you need the proper Pandora bracelet measurements.  Just follow the below mentioned easy steps to clean your bracelets: 

Just get some amount of mild soap and blend it in the warm water. 

Then with the help of small and soft toothbrush rub the bracelets. Toothbrushes are the apt tool for cleaning them with complicated details, which is hard to clean with any other tool.  

 You can find silver-polishing cloth from anywhere in local market. Basically, this cloth is a great way of maintaining the authenticity of your Pandora bracelets. It maintains that real -like silver shine. Even if some pieces are getting dull, then it can rebuild that new shine again. Also, it will help remove the scratch marks from the jewel.  

Moreover, for leather bracelets, above ways might now be working. So try cleaning it with the soft cloth. But take a note that these bracelets easily lose their shape and colour when they are knotted very frequently. 

Also, you can contact Pandora!! As we provide some cleaning services with integrity.  

Pandora bracelet measurements Storage tips-  

Pandora bracelet care

Cleaning is not enough for complete care but you should keenly store them. But how you can store them safely? Let’s see!! 

So as to keep them safe, you should keep them away from natural sunlight and heat. Moreover, consider storing it in the protective box which is moist resistant. Besides, they can also be stored in a plastic zip-lock bag that you can find easily in the market. Also, you should choose polythene not polyvinyl because they contain sulphur compounds that eat the shine of the silver and possibly make it dull and black.  

Moreover, please note that gift boxes or the containers that are given with the Pandora bracelets are not applicable for long-term storage as they are not stiff enough 

Also, keep them in the cotton or with some sort of stuffed surface. Do not put it barely in the box. 

In this way, you can keep your Pandora bracelets for a long time. We hope this Pandora bracelet care guide will help you. Therefore if you have any difficulty you can contact the Pandora services for the same work.  

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