Office Jewelry Guide

Imagine dressing up in a formal suit and watching a circus performance, you will definitely feel something wrong, because this situation requires relaxing and casual clothes for fun activities. Each of us must dress up according to the occasion or place we are in. These are the basic dress ethics we must follow. Just like dressing up, there are some ethical rules when wearing jewelry, especially in your workplace. It is best to avoid certain jewelry works at work, so organize all jewelry for you, here are some jewelry that works should do and should not do. more info


Jewelry Guide – The Elegant Lady:

Office Jewellery GuideMake your jewelry small and elegant, with pendant chains, beaded necklaces, earrings, small pendants, with rings, or can be a smooth bracelet. Just remember that you have to subtly adorn yourself and not embellish heavily.

Jewelry Guide – The Stylish Lady:

Office Jewellery GuideJust because you have to take the minimalist route does not mean that you have to look bored. Mix modern sterling silver jewelry, classic diamonds, stylish and delicate gemstones and delicate pearls in your workwear wardrobe.


Jewelry Guide – The Tinker bell Lady:

Office Jewellery GuidePlease make sure that your jewelry will not make a sound in the office. Everyone is concentrating on work, and disturbing jewelry may not be a good idea for such a place. So remember, no clinking and tinkering.

Jewelry Guide – The Loaded Lady:

Stacking too many blocks at once is not only unsuitable for the office because it distracts you and makes you look like a Christmas tree. In your workplace, you should show a refined and chic appearance, not a stylish fashionista. Therefore, please remember the words of Coco Chanel here: “Be sure to remove an accessory before going out of the house.”

Jewelry Guide – The Shiny Disco Lady:

Remember not to overuse shiny and sparkling jewelry. Here, you want to maintain a delicate state, but do not want all the dazzling, reflective, and glittering jewelry in the eyes of colleagues. You can save them as weddings.

Jewelry is indeed a great accessory to enhance your everyday outfits. Now you all know the precautions for wearing jewelry in the office, make sure that it looks professional and fashionable from now on.

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