How to update your engagement ring for your evolving style


Resetting or upgrading your engagement ring is an interesting and beneficial way. Whether celebrating new milestones or treating yourself through years of hard work and financial growth, you will discover thousands of new setting possibilities, and countless diamond anniversary rings, these engagement rings are perfect for your fingers and your lifestyle.

But before that, we have some suggestions that can come in handy before big events happen. There are many ways to enhance your ring, including upgrading the center stone, redesigning the current base, or replacing it with a brand new ring! Keep reading to learn more, and then make some style changes!

1. Upgrade the Center Stone

update engagement ringThey always say that the most important thing when buying a diamond engagement ring is 4 C: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Sometimes, when you buy a ring for the first time, it may seem cost-effective to choose a ring of smaller size or quality, and use a higher quality diamond for future life plans. The time is now! You are in a different place, and you are finally ready for this change to be reflected in your engagement ring, although you may not want to change too much. One way to enhance the beauty of the ring while maintaining the original appearance of the ring is to upgrade the center stone. In addition to getting larger diamonds, you can also get the same carat diamond with better clarity and use different cutting methods to reset the mosaic.

2. Restyle For an Updated Look

update engagement ringRedesigning the ring is a great way not only to upgrade it to reflect your current state and style, but also to maintain the original appearance and sensual value of the ring. As mentioned above, you are upgrading diamonds is a good starting point-but why stop there? Add auras, double auras or triple auras, secondary diamonds, colored gemstones, change the installation location, upgrade settings, the list will be endless. You can also choose to change the metal type from white gold to platinum (for a more durable quality) or rose gold to gold. You can even add diamonds to the handle to enhance the brilliance of the center stone, making a subtle but obvious difference. Since the initial engagement ring was worn all years ago, adding it to the original ring is also a good way to symbolize the growth you have experienced in an intimate relationship.

3. Trade-in For an Entirely New Ring

update engagement ringIt may have been a lot of time since your spouse put the engagement ring on the finger. Evolution and change are natural, so, understandably, your engagement ring may also need to be remodeled. If this is the case, please exchange it and upgrade it. You can exchange what you need for the ring you want for years! What better represents a new chapter of your life than new and improved rings? There is no better way to celebrate a successful and happy marriage.

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